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Commitments and Contingencies (Details)

Commitments and Contingencies (Details) - Corporate Headquarters
Oct. 19, 2015
USD ($)
$ / ft²
Dec. 31, 2014
USD ($)
Area of rentable premises under Lease Agreement | ft² 33,928  
Term of lease agreement for office space 120 months  
Period by which the lease term can be extended 5 years  
Period after the Commencement Date in which the entity has the option to terminate the lease 84 months  
Notice period prior to expiration of the term for extending the Lease Agreement 12 months  
Notice period for terminating the lease agreement 12 months  
Monthly base rent under Lease Agreement (per rentable square feet) | $ / ft² 2.65  
Annual increases in base rent (as a percent) 3.00%  
Period for rent abatement after lease commencement cate 12 months  
Tenant improvement fund $ 6,107,040  
Maximum allowance for tenant improvement $ 508,920  
Security deposit   $ 90,000