Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Commitments and Contingencies

Commitments and Contingencies
9 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2018
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  
Commitments and Contingencies

Note 9—Commitments and Contingencies




In the ordinary course of business, the Company may become a party to lawsuits involving various matters. The Company is not currently a party, and its properties are not currently subject, to any legal proceedings that, in the opinion of management, are expected to have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business, financial condition or results of operations.


Employment Agreements


The Company has entered into employment agreements with each of its executive officers and certain other key employees. Generally, the terms of these agreements provide that, if the Company terminates the officer or employee other than for cause, death or disability, or if the officer terminates his or her employment with the Company for good cause, the officer shall be entitled to receive certain severance compensation and benefits as described in each such agreement.


Lease Agreements


In March 2018, the Company entered into a Lease Assignment Agreement with Vividion Therapeutics, Inc. (“Vividion”) for the Company’s 34,054 square foot location at 5820 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, California, 92121 (“NR Premises”), whereby the Company assigned its Lease Agreement with ARE-SD Region No. 18, LLC (the “Landlord”) to Vividion. Under the Lease Assignment Agreement, Vividion pays directly to Landlord the base rent of $101,500 per month (based upon $2.98 per rentable square foot of the NR Premises) plus operating expenses and property management fees attributable to the NR Premises currently estimated at $43,500 per month (including an estimate for utilities) during the term of the Lease Assignment Agreement, which is the remaining term of the lease through October 2025.


While the lease and all of the related obligations were assigned to Vividion, the Company could ultimately have an obligation on the Lease Assignment Agreement if Vividion defaulted on their obligation to the Landlord after all remedies were exhausted by the Landlord with regard to Vividion’s obligations. Such an event is not considered probable and no obligation has been recorded at April 30, 2018.


In conjunction with the Lease Assignment Agreement, the Company and Vividion also entered into a Sublease, with respect to the 12,442 square-foot location leased by Vividion from Landlord. Under the Sublease, the Company shall pay to Vividion base rent of $49,768 per month (based upon $4.00 per rentable square foot of the Sublease Premises) plus operating expenses and property management fees attributable to the Sublease Premises currently estimated at $30,400 per month during the term of the Sublease, which extends through September 2020. The Company moved to the new location in April 2018.


At the time of the lease agreements noted above, the Company had a deferred rent liability recorded on the condensed consolidated balance sheet of $1.1 million, which will be amortized on a straight-line basis over the term of the Sublease.