Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Subsequent Events (Details Narrative)

Subsequent Events (Details Narrative) - USD ($)
3 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Oct. 10, 2019
Oct. 07, 2019
Oct. 24, 2019
Jul. 31, 2019
Jul. 31, 2018
Sep. 06, 2019
Common stock, shares authorized       16,000,000 16,000,000  
Common stock, par value       $ 0.0001 $ 0.0001  
Common stock issued for services       $ 845,994 $ 1,845,951  
Subsequent Event [Member]            
Equity investment $ 30,000,000          
Equity investment, additional information Pursuant to stock purchase agreements entered into between the parties pursuant to the Transaction, the Company will receive a $30 million equity investment from CGP and its affiliate Sirtex at $2.50 per share. Upon closing of the Transaction, CGP and Sirtex together will hold approximately 53% of the Company's outstanding common stock and will be entitled to three of nine seats on the Company's Board of Directors. The closing of the stock purchase is subject to stockholder approval and other customary closing conditions (the "Closing").          
Royalty rate 20.00%          
Purchase price of common stock $ 2.50          
Agreement additional description the Company granted to CGP an option to make an offer to acquire the remaining outstanding common stock of the Company at a purchase price per share equal to the greater of (a) $4.50 or (b) 110% of the last closing stock price for the common stock on the date prior to CGP delivering written notice to the Company of its intent to exercise such option along with a proposal on all other material terms.          
Acquisition percentage 40.00%          
Supermajority Percentage 70.00%          
Common stock, shares authorized   30,000,000       26,000,000
Common stock, par value           $ 0.0001
Common stock, shares authorized, description   The total number of authorized common shares will increase from 26,000,000 to 30,000,000 shares. The increase in authorized shares is subject to stockholder approval.        
Common stock issued for services     $ 35,687      
Subsequent Event [Member] | Executive and Employee [Member] | Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) [Member]            
Common stock issued     4,198      
Subsequent Event [Member] | Purchase Agreements [Member] | CGP [Member]            
Common stock issued 10,000,000          
Subsequent Event [Member] | Purchase Agreements [Member] | Sirtex [Member]            
Common stock issued 2,000,000