OncoSec Medical to Present Data at ESMO 2014 Congress

SAN DIEGO-- OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTCQB: ONCS), a company developing DNA-based intratumoral cancer immunotherapies, will present data from ongoing clinical and pre-clinical studies at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress, to be held September 26-30 in Madrid, Spain. OncoSec is proud to be presenting an abstract titled, “Immune correlates of intratumoral IL-12 electroporation”, as part of a poster presentation taking place 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM CEST on Sunday, September 28th.

“The data we are presenting support the ability of intratumoral electroporation of IL-12 to generate not just a local anti-tumor response, but evidence of response in distant lesions,” said Robert H. Pierce, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at OncoSec. “Additionally, pharmacodynamic data from tumor biopsy samples obtained from patients participating in our ongoing Phase 2 melanoma study are consistent with preclinical data in the B16 melanoma mouse model, where we demonstrated that IL-12 is turning on an interferon-gamma-driven signaling cascade, culminating in the accumulation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, or TILs, which have been shown to correlate with response to anti-PD-1 therapies. Based on this biology, we will be testing the hypothesis that intratumoral electroporation with IL-12 will help convert PD-1 non-responders into responders.”

OncoSec’s President and CEO, Punit Dhillon, said, “It is our distinct honor to present our latest findings before the prestigious ESMO 2014 Congress. Events like ESMO 2014 enable important iterative thinking in the evolving field of cancer biology, clinical oncology and the related development of new therapies, all of which continue to provide new options for patients in the ongoing effort to provide new treatments for these difficult cancers. We are confident that OncoSec is contributing to this collective body of knowledge through our unique technology and development path forward. Based on the data we are presenting here at ESMO 2014, and the FDA’s recent accelerated approval of the first PD-1 inhibitor pembrolizumab (Keytruda®, Merck), we are excited to now have the opportunity to investigate clinically the potential benefit of our proprietary intratumoral electroporation therapy with IL-12 to treat patients who do not respond to anti-PD-1 therapy.”

Abstract information is as follows:

Abstract #1620P: Immune correlates of intratumoral IL-12 electroporation. R. Pierce. Sunday, September 28, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM CEST. Madrid, Spain

About ESMO 2014

ESMO is Europe’s leading medical oncology society, and is dedicated to informing, educating, and supporting each individual practitioner and researcher in the rapidly evolving medical oncology landscape. The theme for ESMO 2014 is ‘Precision Medicine in Cancer Care’. This year’s congress will feature presentations of some of the latest research and trials including targeted therapies and immunotherapeutic approaches, joint symposia with representatives of all cancer specialties, and robust debates on the clinical challenges of supplying genuinely personalized cancer treatment. The event is designed to provide attendees and participants with plentiful opportunities to make new contacts, discuss new findings, learn from experts, and review presentations – both online and at the Congress itself. For more information, please visit: http://www.esmo.org/Conferences/ESMO-2014-Congress

About OncoSec Medical Inc.

OncoSec Medical Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing its ImmunoPulse immunotherapy to treat solid tumors. OncoSec Medical's core technology leverages a proprietary electroporation platform to enhance the local delivery and uptake of DNA IL-12 and other DNA-based immune-modulating agents. Clinical studies of ImmunoPulse have demonstrated an acceptable safety profile and preliminary evidence of anti-tumor activity in the treatment of various skin cancers, as well as the potential to initiate a systemic immune response without the systemic toxicities associated with other treatments. OncoSec's clinical programs currently include three Phase 2 trials targeting metastatic melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, conducted in collaboration with several prominent academic medical centers. As the company continues to evaluate ImmunoPulse in these indications, it is also investigating additional indications and combination therapeutic approaches. For more information, please visit www.oncosec.com.

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